A CD (Compact Disc) is now available of my website, www.bibleorigins.net.

Eventually this website will "disappear" as do all websites over time. This CD will provide "a form of security" against that day, when it comes and it will come.

The CD will play on PCs as well as Macintosh computers.

On PCs, the CD will automatically open the copied site's home page when it is inserted in the user's CD-ROM drive.

On Macs and other computer systems, the user must open the "index.htm" file that is at the CD's root.

After powering up your PC, just slip the CD into your CD bay and it automatically starts itself.

Generally speaking this CD does not need to go on-line to the internet to access my articles. There are however, a few instances where the CD will ask you if you wish to connect to the internet to read an article by another scholar at another website (you have the option of declining). An advantage here is that you are not paying expensive telephone modem connection fees to access my articles as all are on the CD. 

The cost for this CD is $20.00 (United States Dollars) which includes postage and handling.

I accept either:

U.S. Money Orders or Personal Checks drawn only on U.S. Banks. I also have a Paypal account if you wish to pay via this method. Sending cash is not reccomended.

Instructions for paying via Paypal:

First, you must log-in to your Paypal account using your password. After you 
are "in" your account, you will note a series of dark-blue "folder tabs" 
near the top of your account screen. The first tab will say "My Account," 
the second tab will say "Send Money," the third tab will say "Request 
Money." You need to click on the "Send Money" tab. You will be presented a 
screen with an empty block titled "Recpient's e-mail" enter my e-mail 
address in this block:


Then enter the amount $20.00

Then hit "Continue" at the bottom of the screen in the lower right corner to 
send the payment. 

Because I have a Paypal account, my address should appear as well as yours as the Payee.

If you wish to purchase the CD via U.S. Money Order or Personal Check (drawn on US banks only) please contact me at the below e-mail address for further instructions: