The below photo suggests a large stream flowed west (from the Euphrates?) of ancient Eridu (the mound at the viewer's right), a modern levee wall (viewer's left upper corner) has been built over this stream bed which eventually empties into the Western Sebkha near the SW levee corner surrounding Eridu. "If" this stream was active in antiquity, canals from it could have irrigated Eridu's gardens and seasonal marshlands. This stream bed is quite large and suggests to me that the area about Eridu flooded in antiquity creating temporary marshes in the flood season of May-July. Please click here for another photo of the fossil stream at the SW corner of the modern levee wall.
One text speaks of Eridu lying between two streams or rivers, could the stream beds W and ESE of Eridu seen in the below photo be what is being recalled? Click here for photo 3.
Below, the modern (1980s?) N levee wall built across an ancient (?) stream bed passing to the west of ancient Eridu (viewer's left). Please click here for more photos.