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Please click here for this website's most important article: Why the Bible Cannot be the Word of God.

Evaluating Internet Research Sources by Robert Harris should be read by everyone, click here.

Many of these sites serve as GATEWAYS to other sites with Biblical Themes.

Archaeology, Ancient Near East:

Academic Info: Archaeology, Near East

Archaeology Related to Jewish History

Bible Studies:

Professor Mahlon H. Smith's Virtual Religion Index (Rutgers University, New Jersey) has numerous links to scholarly articles on the Hebrew Bible and Dead Sea Scrolls.

Roy Nicholson's Old Testament Gateway (Tabor College, Victoria, Australia) has a great variety of articles and links from the whole of the scholarly spectrum, Conservative and Evangelical, to Liberal.

Professor Ralph W. Klein's The Old Testament and the Ancient Near East, is another great site with articles from a wide spectrum of scholars, Conservative and Liberal.

Professor Ted Hildebrandt's "Old Testament e-Sources, Exodus" (Gordon College, Wenham, Massachusetts) has a listing of on-line articles exploring the Exodus from Conservative and Liberal points of view

Die Bibel, although a site primarily designed for German speakers, has many links to English sites. It is very comprehensive and worth a "peek."

Jay Treat's Links to Sources for the study of Christainity and Judaism

Mark Elliot's The Bible and Interpretation (Laramie County Community College, Cheyenne, Wyoming) has a wide selection of current articles, Conservative to Liberal. Please click here to access this site.

Dating the Exodus, a dissertation by Dr. Stephen C. Meyers, discusses various proposals for the Exodus'date using Jewish and Non-Jewish sources in addition to the biblical evidence. He favors the Hyksos Expulsion as being behind the Exodus traditions, and notes this was the common understanding of the Early Christian period.


Northwest Semitic Links by Dr. Reinhard G. Lehmann

Biblical Art on the Internet:

Illustrations, Pictures, Paintings, Drawings, Bas-reliefs and Statues of Biblical Themes are available at a very fine website assembled by a Norwegian Theologian and Teacher, please click here to access this massive database of Biblical Art.


Middle East Map Collection (University of Texas, Austin)

Newsgroups, Discussion and Mailing lists:

ABZU Guide to Discussion Lists on Ancient History (University of Chicago)

Ancient Near East-2 Discussion List (Yahoo Sponsored). MODERATED. A "mix" of professionals and amateurs. Note, this a  "successor" to the now "defunct" ANE List which was once hosted by the University of Chicago Oriental Institute which came to an end on 16 Feb. 2006. The ANE-2  Discussion List is _not_ hosted, supported or affiliated with the Oriental Institute.

ASOR-L (American Schools of Oriental Research, Boston, Massachusetts) is an electronic discussion list for "ASOR related topics" (Middle Eastern Archaeology, which does include "Biblical Archaeology") for members. However this list does allow non-members to join. Please click here to join this list which is MODERATED. 

For those not familiar with the term "moderated": This means that a censor reads all messages before allowing them to be posted to the list. The censor may "edit" or remove parts of a message deemed inappropriate or irrelevant to the list's stated purposes and goals or refuse to post the message. Usually censors or "moderators" contact off-list (privately) the poster advising why the message was not posted or edited to avoid any public embarrassment.

Biblical Studies Discussion List . MODERATED. Subject: Old & New Testaments and Related Areas. A "mix" of professionals and amateurs.

Christianity, Theories on the Origins of:

Peter Kirby's Home Page, an annotated listing of various books by Conservative and Liberal scholars concerning the origins of Christianity.

Peter also has links to Early Christian writings All of Early Christianity: The New Testament, the Apocrypha, the Gnostics, and the Church Fathers.

Dr. Hermann Detering of Berlin, Germany, has a website devoted to the "Radical Critique" of the New Testament, investigating various scholarly proposals for the origins and dating of the texts.

The New Testament Gateway by Dr. Mark Goodacre (University of Birmingham, United Kingdom). Covers a broad range of studies and topics. Very Useful.

Theories on the Origins of Religion (Secular Humanist):

Robert Stewart has an interesting book titled Shattering the Sacred Myths, a secular view of the evolution of religious belief

Daniel Harnam (an amateur scholar like myself) has an article that argues for the syncretization of Yahweh with the Egyptian god Khepri.  In addition, he proposes that an Egyptian named Ramessesemperre who lived under Pharaoh Ramesses III might be the personage who came to be transformed into Moses. Please click here to view his article.


Dear "Truth-seeker" are you aware that in using the "common" internet search engines like Google, Yahoo, Alta Vista, Hot-Bot, Jeeves, etc., that you are accessing in reality only a _tiny_ portion of a huge on-line database? Most "newbies" to on-line computing are _not aware_ that there exists AN INVISIBLE INTERNET, full of "Scholarly-level" research which is NOT accessible by the aformentioned search engines.  Take "the plunge" into the INVISIBLE INTERNET by clicking here, have fun!

The Wayback Machine:

 is an index of ALL urls from 1996 to the present. If you are seeking information not currently available due to a url's having "expired" or an earlier article having been deleted or re-formatted, this index may be of help to you.  For example, at my site titled Bible Origins ( created 17 Dec. 2000), I have revised, deleted, and added articles. If you have an interest in an earlier article which is no longer available, the Wayback machine "may" have preserved it, because it provides a FEW selected examples of urls found in the site, revisting the site periodically and capturing "some" but NOT ALL of its contents.

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