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Pictures of the Serpent  or Snake who WALKED in the Garden of Eden
Cherubim Chariot of King David (1 Chronicles 28:18)
Ningishzida as a Mushussu Dragon
Cherub (Assyrian) "protecting" The Sacred Tree
God's "Mercy Seat" atop the Ark of the Covenant (The Cherubim Throne) frontview
Egyptian Winged Sphinx Thrones as Phoenician PROTOTYPES
Phoenician Winged Sphinx Throne PROTOTYPE of God's "Mercy Seat"
God's "Mercy Seat" atop the Ark of the Covenant (The Cherubim Throne) sideview
Cherubim guarding "Sacred Tree" (South Arabia)
Assyrian "Tree of Life" (Sacred Palm Tree)
God as a Winged Sun-disc (cf. Malachi 4:2)
The Face of Moses ? (Pharaoh Ahmoses I)
Ashera/Asherim, the Sacred Tree/Pillar (?)
The Sun Likened to An Eagle
Ningishzida Bas-Relief in Stone
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EL ("Bull EL"), the "Father" of the gods and mankind.
Phoenician "Tree of Life" (Lotus-Papyrus Tree)
Exodus' War Chariots, Egyptian and Canaanite
The SHATTERED Tables of Stone bearing the "10 Commandments" 
The Colossal Cherubim in the Holy of Holies at Jerusalem
The Ark of the Covenant, The pre-biblical Egyptian prototype, the Portable "CHEST-LIKE"  Throne of Amun-Re
King Solomon's Temple at Jerusalem (Interior View)
Yahweh-Elohim's "BOVINE" features as the GOLDEN CALF, and BULL-CALF Stormcloud at Mt. Sinai
Angel Illustrations (Their Iconic evolution from Hellenistic Greco-Roman Exemplars [Nike & Victory])
Syrian & Israelite "Tree of Life" (Lotus-Papyrus-Date Palm)
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18th century BCE Three Syrian Cherubim at Mari on the Euphrates protecting _TWO_ sacred trees 
A Picture of Noah's Ark ? (Sumerian Bas-relief)
Pictures of  a "Winged" Yahweh-Elohim ?
Evaluating Internet Research Sources by Robert Harris should be read by everyone, click here.
Ezekiel's Cherubim
Picture of an enthroned Yahweh (?) on a Judaean coin of 4th Century BCE (Persian era)