New Testament Articles
The New Testament's Non-Hebraic, Hellenistic Greek Pre-Suppositions
The New Testament's Demons/Daemones/Daimones 
(the Pre-Christian Origins of )
The Millenium, Christ's Thousand Year Reign on Earth
 (The Pre-Christian Origins of)
Hell's Pre-Christian Origins
(Hell-fire, Serpents and Resurrections)
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Christ's Atoning Blood 
(The Pre-Christian Origins Of)
Turning the Other Cheek 
(The Non-Hebraic Pre-Christian Origins)
Christ's Resurrection 
(Anomalies Noted)
Christianity's Flawed Methodologies 
(in interpreting Old Testament Prophecies)
Christianity's Philosophical roots in Platonism
The Reception of God's Holy Spirit:
(How the Hebrew Prophets _contradict_ Christianity's Teachings)

Christianity's Origins 
(The Mechanisms by which it arose from 
and defined itself against Judaism)

Hellenism, the Seed-bed of Christianity
The Messiah as Logos
Christ's Burial Shroud (the Turin Shroud)
(Fake or Genuine?)
Christ as a Planetary Diety? 
(Revelation 22:16) 

Many of these articles, from a Secular viewpoint, attempt to identify the motifs and concepts found in Christianity which do not appear in the Old Testament. It is understood that Christianity "evolved from" Hellenized Judaism, which itself, had in turn accepted certain Hellenized Greek concepts about the relationship between God and Man (this "Hellenizing" being opposed by the Rabbis). In some cases these Hellenized Greek concepts are traced to ancient Egyptian and Semitic concepts, which the Greeks came to be exposed to in the course of the 7th-1st centuries BCE.

Why a resurrection of Flesh and Blood? 
(The Pre-biblical origins of a restoration from death)
New Testament Contradictions
It is my understanding that some of Christ's Non-Hebraic teachings, are derived from Plato, transmitted via Hellenized Judaism of the 4th-1st century BCE. For further research on Plato and Platonism cf. the following urls which discuss the parallels and similarities, which were recognized and acknowledged by the Early Fathers of the Christian Church :

Was Christ's Death Neccessary?
(The "Problems" posed by Leviticus 16:30, 
Micah 6:6-8, and Ezekiel 18:20)
Christ as the Logos or "the Word" in the Old Testament
Contradicts himself as the Messiah in the Flesh in the New Testament
Yahweh-Elohim (Jesus Christ) "The Fornicator God" who became _spiritually_ a "Eunuch God" 

For an interesting presentation on the "textual variants" of the New Testament from the 4th through 12th centuries CE cf. the following articles by an Islamic Apologist refuting Christian Apologist claims on the "accuracy" of the New Testament:

The Quran (Koran) and the Holy Bible as Promoters of Islamic, Jewish and Christian Terrorism Towards non-Moslems, non-Jews and non-Christians
Why Jesus Christ Cannot be the Messiah
 Why the Bible Cannot be the Word of God
How Satan came to be associated with the Serpent in the Garden of Eden

Cynic Jesus?