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Geography Issues (Controversial Sites- Identifications & Proposals)
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Mount Seir of Deutr. 1:2 is Gebel Esh-Sha`ira and the Hill Country of Judaea?
Is Mount Horeb (Mt. Sinai) Jebel `Arribeh by St. Catherine's or Mount Timna?
The River of Egypt (Nu 34:5; Josh 15:4; 1 Kings 8:65) 
(Not Nahal Bezor, but Wadi el Arish?)
Locating Ur of the Chaldees (Hebrew: Kasdim)
The Border of Joseph and Benjamin Identified 
(The elusive Archites & Japh'letites of Joshua 16:1-3)

In Search of the Garden of Eden (Qurnah & Aden) and the Rivers of Paradise
The Garden of Eden not Aden in the Yemen, but Wadi Adhana/Dhana at Ma`rib?
Tarshish (Josephus' Tarsus Reconsidered)
The Route of the Exodus as Envisioned by the 560 BCE Exilic Narrator 
The Fall of Hazor to Joshua and Israel 
(The Archaeological Evidence)
Why an Exodus beginning at Rameses in Egypt?

Why an Exodus from Succoth in the Eastern Delta of Egypt to the Southern Sinai?
(Linking the Late Bronze Age Archaeological Evidence to the Biblical Exodus Traditions)
The Route of the Exodus: Proposals for Yam Suph 
(Lake Timsah), Etham/Shur (Tumilat/Timsah/Abu Suwayr), Marah/LXX: Merrah (Bir el Murr), Elim (Ayun Musa) Wilderness of Sin/LXX: Sina (El Sanawi/Hosan abu Zenna).
Route of the Exodus Map Sites (An Overview Map of Locations from Rameses to Jericho)
Rameses Map 
(Pi-Ramesses [Qantir], Avaris [Tell el-Dab'a])
Goshen Map
The "Ascent of Akrabbim" and wilderness of Zin
Various Map Proposals for the The Route of the Exodus
The Fields of Zoan and Moses' Confrontation with Pharaoh
Amalek (Amaleq) or the Amalekites:
(Their "Possible" Appearance in Geographical Toponymns for the Negev and Sinai)
Various Site Proposals for the location of biblical Mount Sinai or Mount Horeb

Mount Halak (Gebel Halaq) Map
Dilmun (the Garden of Eden?) Still "Unidentified" yet as of January 2008?
Eden's Pre-biblical Prototypes: Eridu and Nippur in Sumer

Dilmun Maps (Tell el-Lahm is Tilmun/Dilmun?)
The River of Eden and It's Four Branches
(The Euphrates and its 3rd millennium BCE Four Alluvial "Heads"?)

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Dophkah, Alush and Rephidim of the Exodus 
(Map Proposals)
The Exodus: Israel's Ox-carts, herds of Cattle, and survival probabilties in crossing the Sinai.
Maps of Pi-ha-Hiroth Proposals & Ancient Canals from the Great Bitter Lake to Tell el Herr
Map of the Edenic Pishon River, Wadi Bishah of Southwest Arabia?
Map of Kibroth-hatta'avah (Erweis el Ebeirig]?)

Map of Dophkah of the Exodus Numbers 33:12-13 (Wadi Dafari & Qattar Dafari?)

Map of Genesis' Eden (Sumerian Edin?)
Genesis' Gihon River is the Nile in the Sudan (Cush) preseved in Arabic as "Gian"?
Kadesh Barnea is Iron Age I Tel Masos in the Negeb?
Map Showing the Land of Nod and its City called Enoch where Cain dwelt
Garden of Eden Maps by Delitzsch (1881), Willcocks (1919) and Dietrich (2002)
Map of Ancient Lower Mesopotamia's "Sealand" (Akkadian: Tamtim)
Dilmun in the "Sea of the Rising Sun": A Proposal for the Sebkha adjacent to and east of Eridu being the "Sea of the Rising Sun" and the location of Dilmun
Ancient Sumerian Eridu (Iraq) Satellite Images
Arab Tribal Map of Joktan, Uzal, Sheba, and Hazarmaveth
The Babylonian "World Map" and its Nar Marratum, "Bitter River," (7th-6th century B.C.) New Site Proposals
Map of the Crossing of the Red Sea (Yam Suph) by Israel in the Exodus (Lake Timsah)

Map of Israel's crossing of the Red Sea at Ras el Ballah, "Cape Ballah" (Baal-Zephon?) or Qantara?

Sumerian Dilmun is Umm Daleimin by Qurnah?
Red Sea Crossing at Lake Menzaleh near Port Said (Reverend Canon Scarth, 1882-1885)
Elim of the Exodus is Ayun Musa not Wady Gharandel?
The Wilderness of Sin is El Sanawi and/or Hosan Abu Zena or Abu Zenima?

Marah of the Exodus is the Bitter Lakes (Arabic: Murrah)?

The Wilderness of Shur/Etham (Ex 15:22; Nu 33:8) Bir Abu Suwayr and Lake Et-Timsah
Bered, Beer-la'hai-roi, and Kadesh (Map proposals for)

Bozez and Seneh Crags between Michmash and Geba (Maps of)
Tamar and the Waters of Meribah-Kadesh as an Arabic Toponymn (Ezekiel 47:18-19)?
Heshbon: Why the Archaeological Findings Do Not Support the Bible's Account of Israel's Conquest

Qantara (Kantara) Stone Bridge and Qantara Land Isthmus, 
Its Strategic Importance from the Days of the Pharaohs

Map of Rimmon-Perez (Rimmon-Parez) of the Israelite Exodus 
Proposals for locating French Huguenot Fort Caroline at Saint Johns Bluff, Florida
Clues establishing that French Fort Caroline is not in Georgia but in Florida, on the St. Johns River
Maps (1600s-1700s) of French Huguenot Fort Caroline and the May River being in Georgia, not Florida
Fort Caroline St. Johns River Location Proposals based on its arcing-shoreline shown on old maps of 1565-1700.