Masaccio's Angel Cherub, with sword, driving Adam and Eve from Paradise (ca. 1424-28 CE), from a chapel wall mural in Santa Maria del Carmine, Florence, Italy. This mural has recently been restored and the fig leaves about the nude bodies have been removed, the original painting not having these leaves (p. 1424. Die Renaissance, Maler des 15. und 16. Jahrhunderts. Bechtermunz Verlag. Marshall Cavendish Ltd. 1984-89).

Note: Renasissance artists frequently took "liberties" in rendering scenes from the Bible. In this instance Adam and Eve were shown as being naked upon their expulsion, whereas the Bible suggests God made clothes of animal skins for them (Ge 3:21) THEN expelled them (Ge 3:24). The Angel Cherub with sword is derived from Hellenistic Greek winged Nikes and Roman winged Victories, which, under the Emperor Constantine the Great (ca. 337 CE) and successors became eventually "Christian" Angels.
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