AbronahLXX: Ebrona (Nu 33:34) might be Bir Gber (?) across from al-Mene`ijje, modern Israeli Har Timna. Musil's Jla is Ailaed-Dejr lies just west of Jla.  The Septuaginta renders the Hebrew Massoretic text's Ai as Gai, and Iyim Abarim or Iye as Achalgai. Could perhaps the Arabic be preserving a "G" in front of  Abronah/Ebrona, thus Gber  (note: Ezion-geber is rendered Gezion-gaber in the LXX, and Iyim-Abarim is Gai, Gaia and Ai near Bethel is Gai in the LXX) ?  (cf. Alois Musil. Karte von Arabia Petraea. 1:300,000. 1907. Special Note: Musil's jj  and j is now replaced by scholars with y and  i ). This map accompanies my article titled "The Route of The Exodus."
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