Figurines of Baal-Adad, Storm-cloud god, who took the form of a Bull to mate with his sister Anat as a Cow. She gives birth to a bull-calfStorm clouds were called "Adad's Calves."  At Sinai God manifests himself as a Storm-cloud, shorty after, Israel makes a Golden Calf, declaring this is "the god" that brought them up out of Egypt. 
Note: Dever identifies these figures as El (Bull-El, father of Baal-Adad), but the Ugaritic texts mention Anat threatening to smite El's pate, blood will cover his "GRAY BEARD." I thus understand this youthful, beardless god to be Baal, his raised hand probably originally wielding a thunderbolt. After Baal's death, Anath "seeks after him as Cow would seek after its calf," perhaps suggesting Baal could take the form of a bull-calf in a resurrection from death as Storm-cloud. (p.131, William G. Dever. Recent Archaeological Discoveries and Biblical Research. Seattle & London. University of Washington Press. 1990)
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