Bulls (or Calves ?) heads. Note the headdress (?) or Hair tuft arising between the horns, rendered similarly to Asherah's headdress or tuft ? (Kuntillet `Ajrud).

(p.378, fig. 1297, South Arabia. H.Th. Bossert. AltSyrien Kunst und Handwerk In Cypern, Syrien, Palastina, Transjordanien und Arabien Von den Anfangen bis zum Volligen Aufgehen in der Griechisch-Romischen Kultur. Verlag Ernst Wasmuth. Tubingen. 1951)
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Note the possible Calf's head at the bottom of the bas-relief, with vines growing from area where horns should be. (figure1297, Bossert)
Bull's heads with headdress (?) design between horns. South Arabia (p.379, fig.1300, Bossert)
Silver-plated bronze figurine group. Figure in center appears to be a horned bull or calf (?) with a human body. IF A BULL, is this Baal-Adad or Bull-El ? (p.185, fig. 603-604, from Ras Schamra. Bossert,. 1951)
Asherah. Kuntillet `Ajrud,
8th cent. BCE