Bronze statue of an Egyptian Apis Bull, 4th century BCE. Note the distinguishing markings, Sun disc, Serpent or Ureaus, wings on shoulders and flanks, garment on back. These markings do not appear on the bronze statue of a Bull found in a cult-site in Northern Iron Age Israel in Samaria.

(p.37 fig. 2.26. Caroline Mason & Pat Alexander. Picture Archive of the Bible. Tring, Batavia & Sydney. Lion Books. 1987. ISBN  0-7459-1047-5)
Bronze Bull covered in Gold Leaf, from a Phoenician Temple at Byblos. The Bull was associated with the Syrian (Ugaritic) gods El, called Bull-El, and Baal, also called Baal-Hadad. Thunderclouds which brought rain, lighting and thunder, were called "Hadad's CALVES". Yahweh- Elohim's manifestation at Mt. Sinai was as a Thundercloud, shortly thereafter Aaron makes a Golden Calf for Israel to adore.

(p.80. Reader's Digest. The Great People of the Bible and How They Lived. Pleasantville, New York. 1974)
Bronze Bull found in Samaria, Northern Israel at an Open-air sanctuary from the Iron Age. The Bull has NO EGYPTIAN  MARKINGS, and is probably related to the Syrian/Phoenician cult honoring Bull-El, the father of the gods and of mankind, or Baal-Hadad the God of Thunderclouds who bring rain. Thunderclouds were called "Hadad's CALVES".

(p.103. fig.6. "The Cult of Fertility."  James B. Pritchard, Editor. The Harper Atlas of the Bible. New York. Harper & Row, Publishers. 1987. ISBN 0-06-181883-6)
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