To date (15 August 2002) no images of a Golden Calf have been found in the Sinai, Negeb, or Arabah. The only iconographical image of a CALF that I have been able to identify within a Late Bronze Age context (the Exodus being dated to this period by 1 Kings 6:1, e.g., ca. 1446 BCE) is on dedication stelae erected by the Egyptians at the Hathor Temple located at Serabit el-Khadem. In every case, a hornless bovine's head ( perhaps a Calf's head ?) appears amongst offerings to the gods or a deceased person. In some cases the trussed-up legs of the bovine's body appear above the separated HORNLESS bovine"s head (if the image is NOT a calf's head, it could be that the Egyptians had "hornless" cattle" ?).

The reference being used is Alan H. Gardiner, T. Eric Peet & Jaroslav Cerny.The Inscriptions of Sinai. London. The Egypt Exploration Society. Oxford University Press. Part I, Introduction and Plates. 1952). Plate numbers are rendered in Roman numbers. Regular numbers indicate figures.
Note the trussed up bovine body with one foreleg removed, below is a hornless bovine head appearing below the carcasses of two fowl, all of which is being offered by Pharaoh to Hathor the Cow goddess who gave birth to the Sun each morning as a CALF according to Egyptian myths.  XLVII.125
A deceased Egyptian holds a Lotus to his nose, before him offerings including a hornless bovine's head on the viewer's right edge of the table. LXXXIII.401
A hornless bovine's head appears amongst funerary offerings to a deceased Egyptian. XLIII.120a
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