Two male Cherubim (winged Phoenician sphinxes with lion bodies) flank a sacred tree (Lotus/Palmette) on an ivory Prixis found at Nimrud from ca. the 9th-8th century BCE (p. 86, Abb. 38. Wolfgang Zwickel. Der Salomonische Tempel. Mainz Am Rhein. Verlag Philipp Von Zabern. 1999. ISBN  3-8053-2466-9)
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Finally, let it be noted: Ezekiel's very detailed description of the Cherubim (Ez 1:5-12) does _NOT_ agree with the "common" Christian representation of Cherubim Angels modeled after the above examples of Greco-Roman Nikes and Victories; NOR does his description agree with the winged sphinxes suggested by Archaeology's findings of winged sphinx thrones of the Late Bronze Age (1540-1200 BCE) or Iron Age (1200-560 BCE) found in Phoenica and Canaan. For a picture of Ezekiel's cherub and its "possible" Ancient Near Eastern "prototypes" please click here.