Fiery Sea of the Underworld, painted red, in tomb of Pharaoh Seti I  (11291-1278 BCE) with souls of the dead, small trees before them. (fig. 130, p. 160,  Erik Hornung. Tal de Koenige, Die Ruhestattes der Pharaonen.  Weltbild Verlag GmbH, Augsburg. 1985, 1995 ISBN 3-89350-741-8)
Pool of Fiery Water, painted red, with burning braziers and baboons, from the Book of the Dead. (plate 32, p.168 for accompanying text. Raymond Faulkner, et al. The Egyptian Book of the Dead, The Book of Going Forh by Day [The Papyrus of Ani]. San Francisco. Chronicle Books. 1994. Library of Congress 93-51261 CIP)
Unrighteous dead, "head-down", in a Fiery Pit of eternal punishment. (p.164, Wallis Budge. The Egyptian Religion. New York. Bell Publishing Company.1900, reprint 1959)
Enemies being burned in a fiery pit, then heads of the damned being burned in another fiery pit(p.164, Wallis Budge. The Egyptian Religion. New York. Bell Publishing Company.1900, reprint 1959)
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