Hathor on a bas-relief found at Serabit el Khadim in the southern Sinai, as a "sistrum" (?) or a "pillar" goddess (?) extending an ankh, bestowing "life" to  a pair of recumbant sphinxes. Atop her head is the portal or doorway to an Egyptian temple or shrine. (cf. Plate LXII. Fig. 202. Alan H. Gardiner & T. Eric Peet. The Inscriptions of Sinai, Part One, Introduction and Plates. London. Egyptian Exploration Fund. 1917). Hathor appears at times with Osiris for she was the Lady of the West, who admitted all the dead into the Underworld to be judged by Osiris.
Below, Osiris, Lord of the Dead as a Pillar god called Tet or Djed with arms. (cf. p. 171. M.J. F. Champollion Jr. Pantheon Egyptien, Collection des Personnages Mythologiques de l'Ancienne Egypte. Paris 1823. Reprint 1996. Tours, France. Acheve d'imprimmer sur ls presses de Mame)
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