Images of Hathor as a "pillar-goddess" accompanying various Egyptian dignitaries (For all the accompanying details cf. Jacques Jean Clere. Les chauves d'Hathor. Orientalia Lovaniensia Analecta no. 63. Uitgeverij Peeters en Department Oosterse Studies Leuven. 1995).

The below photo is of  figure a, page 93, Clere.
Below is figure 35, page 109, Clere.
Below is Plate XXXI PAGE 198, Clere
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Below, Hathor Pillars as Columns in a temple at Denderah, Egypt (cf. pp.412-413. Description de l'Egypte, Publiee par les ordres de Napoleon Bonoparte. Bendikt Taschen Verlag GmbH. Koln, Deutschland. 1994)
Below, Pharaoh presents an offering to a Hathor Pillar or pole (?) mounted on a dias before him (cf. p.358. Description de l'Egypte. Benedikt Taschen. 1994).