Assyrian bas-relief perhaps showing their warrior god Asshur as an Eagle, accompanying Assyrian warriors from the west palace at Nimroud, biblical Calah (p. 214. Austen Henry Layard. A Popular Account of Discoveries at Nineveh. London. John Murray. 1852). Similar reliefs show a winged Sun-disc in place of the Eagle. Langdon understood that the Sun could be represented iconographically as an Eagle. (pp.60 & p.398 note 94 citing R. Dussard, "L'aigle symbole du Dieu solaire."  Stephen H. Langdon. The Mythgology of All Races, Semitic. Vol.5. Boston. Archaeological Institute of America. 1931)

The Hebrew God, Yahweh is metaphorically likened to being an eagle (cf. Exodus 19:4)

A Sumerian hymn to Utu, the Sun-god, metaphorically likens him to an Eagle in the sky-

"My king Utu, you cross all the shining mountains like an eagle ! He has lifted his gaze over the mountains." (ETCSL "Hymn to Utu" [Utu B], The Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature,

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