Below, to viewer's right, a 12th century BCE copper idol of a Phallic god found at the Timna sanctuary (perhaps the Midianite god Yaw or Yahweh? Cf. the phallic representation of Yahweh at the Israelite caravansari at Kuntillet el Ajrud, ca. 8th century BCE, to the NW of Timna). In the Ugaritic myths (13th century BCE) El or Bull-El, father of the gods and of Man (Yahweh being called El or Elohim), is famed for his phallus which is likened to a "bowstave" when he seduces two women near the seashore.
(p.43, "A Temple built by Copper miners." The Metalsmiths. The Emergence of Man Series. Time-Life Books. New York. 1974)

Below to the viewer's left a line drawing of the same idol showing three views (cf. Fig. 53. Beno Rothenberg, et al. The Egyptian Mining Temple at Timna. Institute for Archeo-Metallurgical Studies Institute of Archaeology, University College London. 1988)
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