Below, a modern cylinder seal impression, from two seals carved ca. 2200 BCE. The Sun-god with flames erupting from his shoulders, Sumerian: Utu, Akkadian Shamash, arises at dawn from the mountain of the east with a serrated edged sword (saw ?) in his hand. He is greeted by the the winged "vegetation goddess" according to Professor Kramer (could she be holding a cluster of fruits in her left hand ?) The god of wisdom and of freshwaters, Sumerian: Enki, Akkadian: Ea has two streams of water gushing from his shoulders with fish in them (perhaps the Tigris and Euphrates ?).
For the two below photos cf. Samuel Noah Kramer. The Sumerians, Their History, Culture, and Character. Chicago & London. University of Chicago Press. [1963] 1972)

Below, the Sun-god Utu, with flames erupting from his shoulders and holding a serrated sword (saw ?) arises from the mountain of the east whose two doors open on either side of him. His foot is on the shoulder of a minor deity. A fiery deity presents Utu to the god Enki who dwells in his Abzu house in the depths of the freshwater ocean beneath the earth located at Eridu in Lower Mesopotamia. 
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