Procedures to Save an article to your Hard Disk or Hard-drive:

Walter Reinhold Warttig Mattfeld y de la Torre, M. A. Ed.

Please click here for this website's most important article: Why the Bible Cannot be the Word of God.

For those viewers who may have an interest in making a "copy of my articles"
_to reside on their hard disks_, I reccomend the following procedures which
I have used, tested, and they work.

I am using Microsoft Explorer Windows XP Home Edition, so there may be some modifications for other browsers.

1.) After logging on to my site by clicking
2.) navigate to either OT or NT Menus for articles
3.) Open by clicking on the Article (which is in blue and underlined)
4.) Now, with the article before you, set your mouse cursor at the beginning
of the article and click once (you should have a blinking cursor line now)
5.) Now scroll down to the end of the article using the scroll bar
6.) While holding down your SHIFT key, simultaneously click with the mouse
at the end of the article, "highlighting all of it".
7.) Now go up to menu bar, and hit copy (under EDIT)
8.) The article is now on your "Clipboard"
9.) Hit the START key at lower left corner of your screen, then hit
Accessories, then NOTEPAD
10.) After the NOTEPAD opens a window, hit PASTE (under EDIT on Menu) to transfer the article's contents into the NOTEPAD window. Then hit SAVE for
notepad after giving the file a name. The article is now saved on your disk.

For an even faster procedure using "keyboard commands" try the following, suggested by another person:

Just hit CNTRL +A to highlight the entire page. Hit CNTRL +C to copy it
all to clipboard and then go to your word processor and Paste (Cntrl +V)
...... or, right click and click Paste.

This saves scrolling down through the entire page, going to Edit and
copy ........ saves a couple of steps.

I've downloaded quite a few entire books from the internet this way
....... and then I reformat them with Word Perfect to get rid of all the
hard returns and excess spaces etc. by using the find and replace
feature. Works great! Keeping the procedure short sure helps when doing
a dozen or more web pages in sequence.

To make a Printout of an article :
If you don't want the article saved on your hard disk, and all you want is
just a printout hardcopy to read, then after step 6, when the whole
article has been highlighted, just hit print (under the FILE menu) and you
will have a printout of the highlighted article.

(Hit "BACK" on your browser menu bar to return to your previous page)

How to copy this website to your hard-drive for off-line reading:

The following two urls will provide you with downloadable software allowing you to copy my website (or "any" website) to your hard-disk for off-line reading, thereby avoiding expensive on-line connect fees via telephone modems:


I have experienced on occasion, the inability to copy an article posted at this website. When I highlighted the "entire" article and transferred it to the Clipboard and pasted it into Microsoft Notepad I wound up with a blank page. I admit to being "mystified" as to why the Clipboard did NOT capture the article.  However, I have been successful in capturing the article by the following process :

Instead of highlighting the "entire" article, highlight only a "small portion" of it, 
_a few paragraphs at a time_ and paste them onto the Clipboard, then transfer the contents to Notepad or a word processor. 

IF you are still unable to make a copy, please contact me at  and I will send you a copy of the article via e-mail.

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