Hathor is frequently portrayed in pillar form, the capital of the pillar being her head. Below the Hathor pillar is shown with bands, a similar treatment appears on the Djed/Tet pillar of the god Osiris. Both Osiris and Hathor were associated with the underworld. She admitted all mankind to the underwolrd, and is shown with her head and or forequarters emerging from a cave entrance in a mountainside with a papyrus marsh nearby. She provided food and drink for the righteous dead, while Osiris, judged the dead and assured their ability to ride thesolar bark which carried the righteous each day across the heavens with the sun. This bark is alo sometimes shown bearing a calf, Hathor, and other gods. (cf. Plate 31. Pinch. 1993)
Below, a drawing of a small pillar model, with stand, dedicated to Hathor found at Dendera. 
(cf. Figure 6.12. Pinch. 1993)
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