Please click here for Dilmun possibly being Umm Daleimin by Qurnah on the Shatt al Arab River in Iraq

Below a map showing the island of Failaka near the mouth of the Shatt al-Arab (the Euphrates and Tigris meet the Shat al-Arab near Qurnah which is not on this map) and an inset map of the island of Bahrein, understood by G. Bibbey (1969) and D.W. Potts (1990) to be Dilmun. The dotted line south of Susa and Lagash delineates the boundary of the Gulf according to some scholars in ancient times. Others disagree, arguing that the Gulf never reached this far north. (cf. p. 98 "Trade with the Gulf and the Indus valley." Michael Roaf. Cultural Atlas of Mesopotamia and the Ancient Near East. New York. Facts on File. 1990.)
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