Please click here for Dilmun possibly being Umm Daleimin by Qurnah on the Shatt al Arab River in Iraq

Below, a map of Lower Mesopotamia. The Euphrates and Tigris rivers come together at Qurnah (not on this map) and form the Shatt al-Arab which empties into the Persian Gulf. I understand that Dilmun is Qurnah. The dotted line outlines the ancient head of the Persian Gulf in antiquity. Not all scholars, however, are in agreement that it was this far north. However, ancient inscriptions mention Eridu as being on the SEA COAST (the tam-tu or sea-lands ?) and Sennacherib stated that the dust of a destroyed Babylon passed down the Euphrates to the sea and was beheld by the king of Dilmun. Thus the sea could be the edge of the sea-lands or "sea coast" that Eridu was located on, aligning Dilmun with this region. (for the map, cf. p. 102. Micael Roaf. Cultural Atlas of Mesopotamia and the Near EastNew York. Facts on File. 1990)
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