Egyptian War Chariots used against Israel in the Exodus

Walter Reinhold Warttig Mattfeld y de la Torre, M.A. Ed.

Please click here for my latest map (21 Nov. 2009) showing the site of Israel's "crossing of the Red Sea" 
in the Exodus as being at Ras el Ballah (my Baal-zephon)          

Pharaoh Thuthmose IV (ca. 1419-1386 BCE) mowing down Asiatic enemies, his aim being guided by Horus the Hawk god. Scene from the right outer panel of Thuthmose's chariot, found in his tomb. To the degree that some Conservative scholars understand an Exodus and Conquest of Canaan occurring ca. 1446-1406 BCE (cf. 1 Kings 6:1), this scene captures what an Egyptian war chariot would have looked like about the time of the Exodus, and the dress of Canaanites and their chariots encountered by Israel when she invaded Canaan ca. 1406 BCE under Joshua.

Please scroll down for the left outer panel of the Chariot, showing Pharaoh with a battle axe, and Horus in hawk form guiding the axe's blow to the enemy.
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