Portion of a Wooden side panel from the throne of Pharaoh Thuthmoses IV (BCE 1419-1386), showing a Winged Sphinx trampling upon Asiatic enemies; found at Thebes. (plate 104. James B. Pritchard. Editor. The Ancient Near East, An Anthology of Texts and Pictures. Princeton University Press. 1958.  Paperback edition)
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Line drawing of the above wooden sidepanel from Pharaoh Thuthmose IV's throne found in his tomb. He is shown as a winged sphinx trampling Egypt's Asiatic enemies.
(p.123. William Stevenson Smith. Ancient Egypt, as represented in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Boston. Metcalf & Company. 1960)
Artist's reconstruction of Thuthmose IV's Throne (only the above wooden panel survived of the throne). The artist is using features from a portrayal of another throne of the 18th dynasty. (p.123. William Stevenson Smith. Ancient  Egypt...Museum of Fine Arts.  Boston. 1960)