Note the seasonal encampment at Timna which possesses a low circular stone wall which serves to keep livestock like goats from straying. Note also the circular stone huts for occupants. Similar seasonal encampments like this are found all over the Sinai, Arabah and Negev from Early Bronze through Iron Age times (2600-1200 BCE). I understand that these temporary/seasonal encampments with their herd pens came to be identified in later generations as the "encampments of Moses' Israelites" wandering the Wilderness with their flocks and herds because these encampments exist EVERYWHERE in the Sinai, Negev and Arabah. The men are processing/pounding malachite into gravel for smelting in a crucible, transforming it into copper. One man uses a blow pipe to intensify the charcoal fire (from acacia trees) permitting the copper to be extracted from the ore. (pp. 46-47, "Extracting Metal: Man's First Approach."  Percy Knauth. The Metalsmiths [The Emergence of Man Series]. New York. Time-Life Books. 1974)
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