Pharaoh Ahmose I, (1570-1546 or 1550-1525 or 1540-1514 BCE?) who expelled the Hyksos (1560 or 1540 or 1530 BCE?) and founded the 18th Dynasty. I suspect that he is the "prototype" behind Moses. I have argued that in re-formatting the Hyksos expulsion as a Hebrew Exodus, Ahmose became transformed into Moses, Hebrew: Moshe. A statue from Thebes shows Ahmose I as a handsome young Prince. Other images exist of him as a Shabti, on an axehead, and on a stela with his Queen (cf. p. 103 for photo of Ahmose's mummy in Peter A. Clayton. Chronicle of the Pharaohs, The Reign-by-Reign Record of the Rulers and Dynasties of Ancient Egypt. London. Thames & Hudson. 1994. ISBN 0-500-05074-0)
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